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Assignment 1

My proposal


Hi! I am Bean Wong. Besides studying, extra curricular activities are important, especially for music. I want to further develop my knowledge and skills in music area.


  • I like listening to music and I also like playing piano

  • Share joy of music to others

  • Playing music helps relaxing when I feel stressed.


Goal: Win the Hong Kong Music Festival


  • Practice playing the piano hours a day

  • Watch videos of how people play that song professionally

  • Pay more attention to my piano teacher while we are having lessons and listen to my teacher’s comment


Expecting Challenges or difficulties

Situation 1: Hurt my hand horribly because of playing the piano extensively.


  • Sketch my hand and warm up my finger before playing the piano

  • Have a break when I feel uncomfortable



Situation 2: feel bored when practicing music continuously & feel nervous when performing on stage.

  • Invite my friends to be my audience listening to my performance so as to overcome my weaknesses because practice makes perfect.

  • Have my brother play piano together to have more fun.




Since I love playing the piano, my goal is to win the Hong Kong Music Festival every year as the first step. I hope I can be a professional piano player in the future and teach others how to play the piano. Thank you for reading my proposal, bye.

                                                 End of my Proposal

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