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At night, in my bedroom, I was switching off the lights and suddenly teleported into space for no reason, into the unknown, mysterious, spooky planet.  Luckily I had a time stone and a shield stone in my pocket that I found on the floor and a power stone that stuck on the whiteboard, which could contain or capture power. I broke the whiteboard accidentally, and a golden, yellow stone fell onto the floor, I picked it up and saw the sliver, almost invisible words “Power Stone”. The reason the words were invisible was because the stone was valuable, it would not want people to find it.


When my butt hit hard on the rocky ground, I found myself tortured by a dirty old goblin, called Goblin KingO war 1001, he had two big emerald tennis ball shaped eyes. He was rich, he had a machine that cost £999,999,999,999,999,999, the machine contained dark arts and charms, but it was nonsense to me because I had a shield stone which could block anything. There was a song to activate the shield stone, so I bellowed:

        🕋   The Shield Stone can block anything 🎷

               It never leaves a single thing🎻

             That’s why all scientists all sing 🎸

           🎹  Shield Stone is our king🎸




🎼            Enemies are born in a bin  🎻              

 🎺           It never lets a bullet in

              🥁  Shield Stone will make sure we win🎙

               Shield Stone is our king.


The cunning goblin glared at me and angrily, he roared” Fire!!!” About a million unknown, also dirty goblins rose up from the underground to the rocky floor…


The captain goblin shrieked'' Kill him, kill him!” I leapt out of sight and found my science circle. I didn’t know why the circles were here. I put the two circles in my wrist, I made a golden circle, I could teleport to another place. I grabbed hard on the circle, when the goblins shot a bullet at me, I would make two circles and the bullet would go into the circle, and then went to another place just like Dr. Strange. The goblins all shot bullets at me, all of the bullets went into the circles, all of the bullets shot back to the goblins at their back of their heads! Most of the goblins crumpled onto the floor, just as I wanted. There were two goblins left.


One of the goblins shot a net towards me, I tried to dodged, but I couldn’t. So I used the sheid stone to make a shield. It gave me a soft white shield that looked like a giant marshmallow. Since I was too hungry since I was fighting for hours, I ate the soft- pillow shaped shield. I used the circles to escape back to Earth.


I woke up and then I found that it was just a science nightmare, but my pillow was gone.

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