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Why having an iPhone is important to Bean

Iphone is very important, it is easy for a parent and child to communicate, and it is extremely important for Bean.


First, I am going to talk about health issues. Nowadays, parents are very busy with their work and have no time to remind their children to bring an umbrella and other things which may cause their children to get sick. However, if I have my own Iphone, I can check the weather and wear or bring the suitable jacket or clothes so that I don’t need parents to remind me.


Second, getting an iphone can help you to communicate with me more easily. For example, when I was on the way home after school, mom told me to find a restaurant and eat there by myself on whatsapp. If I don’t have an Iphone, I won’t be able to know that mom will be back late or I may not know what to do. 


Third, getting an iphone can help Bean relieve stress. When I am stressed, for example, after a long day at school or after quizzes, I can watch videos, chat with my friends on whatsapp, or play games in order to relax. 


Fourth, the internet is also educational. In google, you can search thousands of educational websites which can help children study. On the day before the GS assessment, I found some information on the internet and then I memorised it, I got 98 marks at the end. And don’t forget, 98 is a very high score already.


Finally, getting an iphone for Bean is marvelous and excellent. I almost always forget to do some kinds of homework, for instance, I nearly forgot to do news sharing for GS, and my mum usually has to remind me. To prevent my mom to have lack of saliva, I can remind myself by adding what to do in the apple calendar. 


In conclusion, getting Bean an iphone is an excellent idea, why don’t quickly get one for Bean?

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