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English Writing


In school, there was a student named Kadolo.  Kadolo was stony, handsome, clever and kind. He had been learning rock climbing since he was 5 years old, so he was as nimble as a monkey.  In recesses, when Kadolo and his friends were playing catch, nobody could catch that ‘MONKEY’.


He studied happily in the school of Bla Bla Bla in Hong Kong until their beloved principal Mr. Scrpitdo retired. He, along with his bossiers and classmates had no idea that their fate was going to downald-neetle...

Kadolo cover.jpg


At night, in my bedroom, I was switching off the lights and suddenly teleported into space for no reason, into the unknown, mysterious, spooky planet...

Why having an iPhone is important to Bean?

Iphone is very important, it is easy for a parent and child to communicate, and it is extremely important for Bean...

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