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Assignment 2

Dirt Blaster


The purpose of this project is to invent an eco - friendly device, and explain the basic ideas of their device.

The main purpose of the device is sucking up all the residue and dirt. When I do the homework and use the eraser, there are always eraser crumbs left on the table. Therefore, I want to invent a device to clean it up.


Used paper cup and cup lid, paper straw, rechargeable batteries, switch, motor and battery compartment from an old toy, mesh from old clothes. Solar panel, wires, fan blade

It works by using solar panel to power the motor and reversing the fan blade rotating direction to suck up crumbs. Its main source of energy is solar energy and it is more eco- friendly than traditional vacuum cleaners because it uses natural energy and recycled materials.


Though inventing the dirt blaster, I experience,

1. The solar panel did not have enough energy to make the motor spinning in high speed, so I put more solar panels on the Dirt Blaster.

2. The Dirt Blaster did not generate enough sucking power to suck up the dirt, so I used a smaller straw to increase the sucking power.


In conclusion, I learned how to invent things using the cheapest and eco- friendly material.

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