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My name is Bean Wong. I got my name first when my mom took an ultrasound when I was still in her uterus.  I was as small as a bean and therefore, my parents called me Bean ever since.


My parents asked me many times if I wanted to change my name, I said ‘no’.  First, my name is special. Second, I can make new friends easily because they find my name interesting.  Many times, the first thing we talk is our names, we can happily start our chat with the story of my name.  Finally, teachers and classmates can easily remember me and my name when we first meet. 

Playing piano is my favourite hobby.  Every time I play a new piece of music, from playing note by note to completing smoothly, I get a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. I won a number of awards at piano competitions. I hope I can further develop my interest and make my parents and school proud.  


When I have spare time, I like to go cycling with my family.  We cycle from Tuen Mun to Nam Sang Wai.  Taking the boat with our bicycles in Nam Sang Wai is an interesting experience, and the journey is fun. 

Playing games with my family makes me happy. At Christmas time, we played UNO.  I worked with my brother and defeated our parents.  We played animal chess games too.  I defeated my dad and brother with my skill.


Thank you for reading.

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